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Structural Drain Repairs

Drain & Able Reading Berkshire for Structural Repairs, Drain Remedial Works, Drain Pipe Work Replacement, Groundworks, Drain maintenance, Drain Repairs, Root Ingress Removal, Patch Lining and Pitch fibre pipe work replacement

Drains may crack and joints open up resulting from ground movement, water infiltration, root ingress or vehicular traffic.  The only solution in the past has been to locate the defective area and repair the pipe after excavating to expose the drain.  This is no longer the case.

Whilst excavation is still necessary in some cases Drain & Able in Reading Berkshire, your local drain company, offer a range of no dig repair techniques to repair structural and non structural defects in drains which can be undertaken with the minimum of cost and disruption.

Drain & Able Reading Berkshire for Patch Lining & CIP (Cured In Place) Lining

Where defects are localised to a small area, a patch liner can be used to produce a permanent high quality repair.  Patches are applied by coating a fibre glass mat with a resin.  The mat is then wrapped around an inflatable packer and pushed into position.  The packer is inflated and the resin left to cure.

Where the drain is damaged along it’s length, the whole section can be lined.  It involves the insertion of a lining “sleeve” impregnated with a polyester resin fibre along the length of the damaged drain.  It is then moulded into place using air or water pressure and left to cure.  The result is a new fibre reinforced pipe within the old damaged pipe.

In-situ resin impregnated drain lining NO DIG TECHNOLOGY:

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