Blocked drains, toilets, sinks in Henley on Thames

Blocked drains, toilets, sinks in Henley on Thames

Blocked drains unblocked in Henley on Thames 24 HOUR Blocked Drain Clearance with No Call Out Charge

Drain & Able covers the whole of Henley unblocking drains, cleaning & clearing pipes & drains & our liveried vans are frequently seen driving in and around the Henley area. If you have pipes or drains in Henley that are blocked & pipes or drains that need unblocking, Drain & Able are able to unblock your drains or pipes in Henley for a good fair fixed price.

  • Drain & Able are an independent company who do not use sub-contractors;
  • All Drain & Able vehicles are liveried so you know exactly who you are dealing with & more importantly they provide an office number, not just a mobile number;
  • Drain & Able do not charge a call out & their high number of up to date feedback reports on checkatrade are a testament of this.
  • Their accreditations give customers peace of mind that they are obviously skilled & experienced to do the job


When you call Drain & Able not only will your telephone call be answered personally but the price we quote you over the telephone, to unblock your drain in Henley, will be the price you pay, with no hidden extras, for example the use of specialist equipment.

Blocked drains, toilets, sinks in Henley on Thames


With drain blockages there is normally a reason why the blockage has occurred.  Perhaps your drain blockage in Henley is due to fat & grease in the waste pipe work resulting in a blockage to the drainage system or something could have been accidentally dropped down the toilet.

If you are suffering with any type of blockage in Henley, whether it be a blocked drain, blocked kitchen sink, blocked toilet or require a CCTV Drainage Survey, Drain Investigation or Inspection & don’t know who to ring, call Drain & Able your highly recommended experienced & customer focused drainage company who will be able to assist, you will not be disappointed.

Some of the most common problems that cause blocked drains in Henley include:

  • Henley blocked or overflowing pipes or drains
  • Root ingress into pipes or drains from trees or shrubs in Henley
  • Chokes and internal blockages in Henley drains or pipes
  • Henley damaged or collapsed drains or pipes
  • Sunken or dropped drain systems in Henley Oxfordshire
  • Build up of fat and grease encrustrations in drains in Henley
  • Drainage system in Henley Oxfordshire experiencing rough surfaces or angles and defects in pipe work that can cause items to stick then build up and cause blockages
  • Drains in Henley with silt and rubble following building works can restrict flow of drains and pipes
  • Drains in Henley with displaced joints which can cause matter build up
  • Radial cracks or broken segments means tissue gets caught which can hold back solids causing a build up in drains resulting in blocked drains Henley
  • Henley Root ingress from nearby trees and shrubs if the joints are open or the drains or pipes have cracked
  • Improper items such as nappies etc in drainage systems in Henley
  • Henley drains with lost or stuck drain rods which you are unable to retrieve
  • Henley drains experiencing soap powder residue from washing machine resulting in blockages


Perhaps you have had a reoccurrence of a blockage & you need to establish the cause of the repeat blockage to your drain in Henley.  Maybe you are looking to sell or purchase a property & it has been suggested that a CCTV Drainage Survey of the Henley property is undertaken.

What issues might a Henley CCTV Drainage Survey determine?

  • Tree root ingress intrusion to drains in Henley
  • Henley rat and rodent problems
  • Breaches in pipe work & drainage in Henley
  • Redundant drainage runs/lines
  • Fat & grease deposits in your drainage system in Henley
  • General build up of soap, hair, foot residue etc
  • Determine the cause of repeat blockages to your blocked drain in Henley

What is the cost of a CCTV Drainage Survey in Henley?

Drain & Able can provide you with the cost of a CCTV Drainage Survey in Henley over the telephone which will include a DVD of the CCTV Drainage Survey footage together with a comprehensive report confirming the structural status of the underground pipe work together with recommendations for remedial works, should any be required.  Remedial works that could include structural drain repairs, drain repair/reline or excavation or tree root ingress removal.  Please contact us on Telephone 0118 957 6244 for further information.

I am purchasing a property in Henley & have been advised to have a CCTV Drainage Survey undertaken, how long will the Drainage Survey take?

Depending on the size of the property we normally allow two to three hours to undertake the CCTV Drainage Survey.  If you are in a hurry as you are nearing completion or there are any other time constraints we would be happy to give you a call from site to discuss the findings of the CCTV Drainage Survey.  Your local drain company, Drain & Able, based in Reading in Berkshire, can provide you with all the benefits involved in Henley CCTV drain surveys. We are an independent family-run business and we pride ourselves on the level of customer service we offer.


Drain & Able, highly reputable & experienced, offering 24 Hour emergency drain unblocking, drain clearing & drain cleaning, CCTV Drainage Surveys & a full drain repair service.  Choose Drain & Able on Telephone 0118 957 6244 for your recommended emergency drain unblocking in Henley, emergency blocked drain clearance in Henley or any other drain maintenance service you require.