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Modern life can be very stressful & to add to your already demanding day you have just discovered that you have a blocked drain problem at your property or your business premises & need assistance. The last thing you have time for is to look for a drain cleaning company near you who will not only be able to resolve the issue but will not charge you an unreasonable cost. Let us introduce you to ourselves.

Drain & Able: Drain Cleaning, Drain Clearing & Drain Unblocking in Berkshire & All Surrounding Areas

Drain & Able, based in Berkshire, have been established since 2004 & have been clearing blocked drains in Berkshire, efficiently, professionally, very reasonably priced & have built up a good many clients with many of them being repeat customers. Just take a look at our latest reviews: Drain & Able | Drain/Sewer Clearance | Reading | Checkatrade

Drain & Able are the trusted & reliable name in Berkshire who offer a swift & extremely good value service to your drain problem.

Call Us on Telephone 0118 957 6244 to Discuss Your Drain Cleaning & Drain Unblocking Requirement.

The blockage you are experiencing at your Berkshire property or Berkshire business premises may be internal or external & may be as a result of the following most common causes of blocked drains:

  • Wipes
  • Fat & grease from cooking which have built up over a period of time & restricted the flow
  • Hair & soap suds
  • Foreign objects
  • Tree Roots

How Much will Drain & Able Charge Me to Unblock My Drain in Berkshire?

When you contact Drain & Able about how much it will cost to unblock your drain in your area, we will ask you a few questions with relation to your drain blockage. The cost of the drain clearing or drain cleaning will be confirmed to you, over the telephone with the price quoted being the price you will pay. Absolutely no hidden nasties or extras nor do we charge any extra should high pressure water jetting plant be required to clear your blockage.

Is My Drain Blocked?

A tell-tale sign of a blocked drain could be one of the following:

  • Smell/Odour emanating from the drains
  • Overspill around the top of the manhole/inspection chamber
  • Toilet & bathroom services are draining slowly
  • When toilet is flushed, the water is rising
  • Water not draining at all

Who is Responsible for Clearing Blocked Berkshire Drains?

A question that we are frequently asked is “am I responsible for the clearance of the blocked drain”? The homeowner or business owner/landlord is responsible for blockages to the drainage system within the property boundary unless the blockage is at a location where it is shared with a neighbouring property. If shared, the responsibility lies with the Water Authority with effect from 1st October 2011.

Drain & Able have many years of experience clearing blocked drains but we do not only clear blocked drains, we offer other services too. Please call us on Telephone 0118 957 6244 for a friendly, helpful & no-nonsense approach to discuss your drain related problem.

Berkshire Emergency Professional Drain Cleaning Near You

For drain unblocking, drain clearing & drain cleaning near you, Drain & Able offer 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency drainage services in Reading in Berkshire & all surrounding areas. We are trusted by many home and business owners across Berkshire & have supported them with their drainage requirements over many, many years.

Top Tips


If you have ever had a blocked drain you will surely remember the disruption and headaches it caused. Unfortunately you just don’t know when blocked drains might happen but you are guaranteed that they will cause the maximum disruption and mess possible.

Don’t worry though, Drain & Able in Reading Berkshire, your local drain company, are on hand to help with all your blocked drain problems with an engineer based in Reading & all surrounding areas. Why not learn something from our vast experience and read on to discover some of the top tips for avoiding blocked drains.

To help you with the maintenance of your drains, please find below a helpful guide to keeping drains flowing freely:

  • Do not pour fat, oil or anything greasy down your kitchen sink – this will help avoid fat encrustation which decreases the carrying capacity of the pipes
  • Avoid an overuse of washing powder in your washing machine as this may result in blocked drains
  • Do not flush any improper objects down the toilets which may cause internal blockages – e.g. toilet fresheners, toys etc. and try to keep these items away from the toilet to prevent them accidentally being knocked in
  • Lift drain covers regularly to check that the drains are flowing freely
  • Remove all build up of hair that may get caught in plugholes
  • Regularly clean toilets, baths and sinks with disinfectant
  • Do not flush sanitary ware or nappies down the toilet as these may cause drains to become blocked
  • Ensure that all guttering and drain grates are free from leaves and garden waste

Blocked drains can be a health hazard, which is why you will require an expert to help you with all your blocked drain problems. Your local drain company, Drain & Able in Reading Berkshire can provide drain solutions for all drainage problems throughout the Berkshire and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a friendly and courteous company which has specialist drainage engineers to help you with your drainage problems, then be sure to give us a call on  0118 9576244 .

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