Unblock Toilets

Blocked drains and blocked toilets can be a real headache; they can cause an awful lot of mess and even more stress. Rather than trying to deal with the problem yourself it is often more advisable to call in an expert. At Drain & Able, your local drain company, in Reading Berkshire our extensive experience of blocked drains, blocked toilets & blocked sinks more than qualifies us to be able to deal with any drainage problem you might be having.

Unblock Drains

Have you ever been in the situation when the solution to your blocked drain problem seems to be more complicated than the problem itself? At Drain & Able in Reading Berkshire, your local drain cleaning company, we always ensure that we offer our customers the best solution to the blocked drain problem they are experiencing.

CCTV Drain Surveys

Technology has an influence on every part of our modern day life and unblocking drains is certainly no exception. Your local drain company, Drain & Able in Reading Berkshire are always up-dating the equipment and methods we use on blocked drains, this is because we appreciate this is the most beneficial for our customers.

Drain Repairs

Drains may crack and joints open up resulting from ground movement, water infiltration, tree root ingress or vehicular traffic. The only solution in the past has been to locate the defective area and repair the pipe after excavating to expose the drain. This is no longer the case.

Drain Jetting

There are occasions when drain rods are not sufficient to clear a blockage resulting in the need to use high pressure water jetting plant. High pressure water jetting plant can be used to clear blocked drainage systems, descale pipe work, cut back tree roots and remove grease and fat deposits and is also an excellent method of removing silt and debris.